Force of Jedi church proves too much for brother

Anglesey, UK - One of two brothers who set up a Jedi church on Anglesey is stepping out of the limelight.

Brandon Jones, 28, says he still holds his beliefs in "living positively" but no longer wanted wider publicity.

He would only appear off camera for a BBC short documentary about living as a Jedi with his brother Daniel, 22.

The Holyhead-based church is continuing but Daniel Jones says his brother was affected by extreme reactions to their beliefs, including an assault.

In April 2008, a man appeared in court after assaulting Mr Jones and his cousin whilst dressed as Darth Vader.

The two had been filming themselves playing with light sabres in a garden at the time.

'Light side'

A shopping trip bought further adverse publicity after Daniel was allegedly asked to leave a supermarket for refusing to remove his hood.

The brothers, and their parents, have recently been featured for the short documentary, Living with the Jedi, produced for BBC Scotland.

The film notes that in the 2001 British census 390,127 adults claimed their faith was Jedi.

In the film parents, Sonia and Kim, are seen speaking about Daniel and his interest in George Lucas' classic Star Wars film series.

Daniel is then interviewed about the church, and the idea that people should "work on the light side of life" and "do good".

Not everyone takes his belief seriously, and in the documentary a passer-by can be heard shouting "Darth Vader" as he is interviewed in the garden of his home.

On film Daniel speaks of the "abuse" suffered as a result.

"I think he (his brother) took it in a really bad way", he said.