Converted mungiki leader is baptised

Nairobi, Kenya - Mungiki Leader Maina Njenga who converted to Christianity was on Sunday baptized by Bishop Margaret Wanjiru of Jesus Is Alive Ministries.

Njenga who will be known as brother John was baptized alongside hundreds of youths who got saved after abandoning the proscribed sect.

Njenga denounced the sect and its activities in later October after his release from prison.

The High Court in Nyeri acquitted Njenga of murder charges in the Mathira massacre where 29 people were hacked to death.

He had been in custody for 29 months.

Bishop Wanjiru who is also the Starehe MP and Housing assistant minister urged mungiki followers to abandon their evil ways and get saved.

Speaking to the press after the baptism, Bishop Margaret said her ministry was on a mission to redeem the youth of this country particularity in Central Kenya from getting lost and urged the government to partner with the church to transform the youths.

By getting baptized, John Maina Njenga follows in the footsteps of former Mungiki leader and comrade Ndura Waruinge who abandoned the sect after he became a born again Christian and has since earned the title of a pastor.

Maina who had gone into hiding after receiving death threats declared he was a changed man noting that his baptism was a new dawn for Central Province where the dreaded sect is believed to have originated from.