800 Denounce Religious Cult in Kibaale

Kampala, Uganda — A total of 821 followers of the Faith of Unity, a religious cult, have denounced their sect and crossed to the Anglican Church since the beginning of this year.

The cult, founded by Owobusobozi Bisaka in the 1980s, encourages people to abandon their religions.

During a recent crusade in Muhorro town in Kibaale district, which was organised by the Church of Uganda, many people abandoned the cult.

Receiving the Christians on Sunday at Kyabaranzi parish, the Bishop of Bunyoro-Kitara Diocese, Nathan Kyamanywa, hailed them, saying they had made a wise decision.

"This is what the Lord God told us. When one lost sheep is found, the owner jubilates. As the Anglican Church, we are very pleased," he said.

The bishop said the function was not organised to condemn the former believers of the Faith of Unity but to welcome them back.

Kyamanywa asked Christians to cherish peace and cautioned them against wandering from one religion to another.

He appealed to leaders to stop misleading people, citing those encouraging people to encroach on forest reserves, yet they know it is illegal.

Kyamanywa told the congregation to remain calm, saying mechanisms were in place to resolve the tribal impasse in Bunyoro.

Quoting the biblical Hagaai, Bishop Kyamanywa challenged Christians to examine the source of their wealth and told them to watch their lifestyles.

He also criticised the rampant corruption that has infected Uganda and asked Christians to work hard to eliminate it.

The returnees who talked to The New Vision said the unity being professed by the Faith of Unity was not practiced.

Mary Nyangoma said the 20 years she spent in the cult were wasted because she did not experience anything new as she expected.

Another returnee, John Biryomumaisho, said the cult promoted divisionism even among people of the same clan or family.

"If your brother who does not belong to the cult invites you to a party, you are not allowed to attend," Biryomumaisho said.

George Omukwenda, the cult leader of Kapyemi in Muhorro sub-county, refused to talk to the press because he had lost a huge number of followers.