Lawyer up for kidnapping

Harare, Zimbabwe - Police have arrested a city lawyer after he allegedly teamed up with a client, her brothers and husband to kidnap, assault as well as shave the beard of a man who is a member of an Apostolic faith sect after he failed to pay a US$2 000 debt.

Simon Mupindu, his client Ellis Zindi and her husband Chinedu Stephen Edbuchu were arrested at the complainant’s house in Harare as they allegedly tried to take his title deeds in lieu of the debt.

Zindi’s brothers — Peter and Paddington — were arrested at the same time.

The five have since appeared in court facing charges of kidnapping.

They appeared before Harare magistrate, Mr Archie Wochiunga, who remanded them out of custody on US$10 bail each and set trial for November 30 this year.

It is the State’s case that sometime early this year, Zindi gave the complainant US$2 000 to buy her blank CDs.

The complainant did not deliver the CDs and failed to return the money.

She allegedly engaged the services of her husband, two brothers and Mupindu to recover the money.

Last week on Thursday at around 9pm, it is alleged, the five went to the man’s house and Mupindu called him outside.

They allegedly blindfolded him and threw him into their vehicle before speeding off.

The gang is alleged to have taken him to Zindi’s house in Harare where they tied him and locked him in a room for the night.

The following morning they allegedly assaulted him and shaved his beard, a grave insult for a member of an apostolic sects.

They were arrested at the complainant’s house where they had allegedly gone to seize title deeds.