Buddhist robber's 'mum reincarnated as a cat' denied visiting rights in jail!

London, UK - A Buddhist bank robber is facing disappointment after a court rejected his request for his cat to have visiting rights - despite his plea that the feline is the reincarnation of his dead mum.

Peter Keonig, who follows the religion that believes people come back as other animals after death, was sent behind bars for five years for armed robberies in Germany.

The 46-year-old turned to court demanding his purring Gisela be permitted to see him in prison "because she is my dead mum".

"I know it is mummy. She looks after me just the way she did," the Telegraph quoted him as saying.

"I need to see her like other prisoners see their wives and children," Keonig added.

But the court turned down his request saying: "While we respect the religious freedom of individuals, the accused has not been able to furnish proof that his deceased mother has been reborn in a cat.

"Therefore, the request for visiting rights for the feline is rejected."

However, the court allowed Keonig to write to the cat.