Mangalore: Forcible Conversion - Bajrang Dal Activists Attack Suspect's Assistant

Mangalore, India - One person was injured after he was allegedly attacked by a group of Bajrang Dal activists for his alleged involvement in forcible conversions near an apartment complex at Attavar on Tuesday November 3.

Manjunath, a construction worker and resident of Ankola, was attacked at the B G Court Apartments while he was standing outside his rented residence.

The miscreants attacked him saying that he is involved in assisting a man residing in the same apartment in forced conversions.

Sharan Pumpwell, district convener of Bajrang Dal, said that a person called Vincent belongs to New Life sect is involved in forced conversions.

“He invited several residents of the apartment complex for prayers in his house and on obtaining the information we enquired of a man called Manjunath”, he said.

The victim, Manjunath, refused to state whether anyone forced him to convert. He also said that believing or not believing in any God was his will.

He alleged that nearly three members attacked him with their hands.

It is said that there were nearly 20 members of the Bajrang Dal involved in the attack. They entered the house of Manjunath and found several books related to conversion.

Most of the neighbours denied knowledge of any conversion activity at his house.

John Mascarenhas, a friend of Vincent, said that there is no conversion taking place in that house and he is always busy with his construction work.

Assistant superintendent of police Amith Singh visited the spot with Mangalore south inspector Thilakachandra and also made enquiries of the Bajrang Dal members.