Jordan Islamic scholars ban hymen examinations

Amman, Joradan - A top-level panel of Islamic scholars in Jordan have issued a judgement that bans the examination of a bride-to-be's virginity even if it is requested by her fiance, local newspapers reported Monday. "The examination of hymens is taboo because the genitals of both men and women should not be exposed except out of necessity," according to the judgement issued by the state-funded Council of Eftaa and Islamic Studies.

However, the Jordanian council permitted such examination of a woman's hymen if it were requested by "judicial authorities" for the resolution of disputes.

The panel said that it adopted this opinion in response to reports of an increasing number of cases of citizens asking the country's National Forensic Centre (NFC) to conduct virginity tests.

The NFC reportedly dealt with at least 1,200 such cases last year.

According to strict Islamic teachings, women are barred from sexual intercourse before marriage.