Evangelicals in Mexico Report More Threats by Authorities

According to Assist News Service, Open Doors has documented how evangelical Christians in three separate Mexican villages have recently been threatened with imprisonment, expulsion from their homes, denial of access to water and electricity, and even death.

In San Nicolas, believers face a June deadline when they must either renounce their faith or be forced to leave the area. In Choapa, two recent evangelical converts were briefly imprisoned on two separate occasions and asked to deny their newfound faith in Jesus. Local authorities have ordered that six Christian families (40 people) have their water and electricity cut off and their homes and animals be burned.

The evangelicals also have received death threats from those who insist that they must change their religion if they wish to stay there. In Los Llllanitos, town authorities formally declared the town's evangelicals would be expelled unless they agreed to participate in all Catholic festivals. Two Pentecostals were jailed for refusing to participate in the Santa Cruz festival.