Uganda: Born Again Youth Fail to Resurrect Dead After Stopping Burial

Kampala, Uganda - TWO Born-again youth in Mpata village, Mpigi district recently delayed a burial, claiming God had sent them to resurrect the deceased.

It started after a resident, only identified as Mubiru, lost her daughter who was a student at a university in Kampala. There was so much grief because the girl was the only member of the family who had attained university education.

When the two Born-again youth arrived at the home of the deceased, they took over the proceedings. They opened the coffin and placed an open Bible on the head of the deceased and started praying.

This raised the hopes of the mourners who even forgot about the scheduled time for the burial. However, the presiding pastor lost patience and intervened. He said if God wanted a person to live then that person would not have died.

He managed to convince the mourners to proceed with the burial although everyone kept a keen eye on the coffin incase the girl came back to life.

The two youthful preachers blamed the pastor for interfering with the miracle.