Kenya: Govt Hires 'Prophet' to Lead Nationwide Prayer Campaign

Nairobi, Kenya - The government Tuesday officially contracted the services of a self-proclaimed prophet to bring reconciliation after post-election violence.

Special Programmes ministry will now engage Dr David Owuor in countrywide prayers and fasting to foster healing.

The new programme will involve conducting prayers at places that were adversely affected by the violence and culminate in a national prayer day in Nairobi.

Making the declaration, PS Mohammed Ali said the move was meant to restore the hearts of the victims of the 2007 general elections mayhem.

He was accompanied by Dr Owuor at his office.

"This is the only way we can promote long lasting peace among the people," said Mr Ali.

Last weekend, the clergy held prayers in Eldoret where several people returned items they had looted from their neighbours during the violence.

Dr Owuor said the government had only provided the physical restoration by providing houses to the displaced people.

"It is the time for the hearts of the people to be healed."

The government will not provide any financial assistance to Dr Owuor's ministry.

"But the police and the provincial administration officers will provide security and transport during the rallies," said Mr Ali.