`Deviant' leader stands trial for blasphemy

Jakarta, Indonesia - Agus Imam Solihin, the leader of a sect who reportedly encouraged group sex rituals, is facing five years in prison if found guilty of religious blasphemy.

Agus, alias Satrio Piningit Weteng Buwono, stood trial for the first time Monday at the South Jakarta District Court.

Prosecutors indicted the defendant for spreading heretical teachings among Muslims who attended his religious gatherings, Antara news agency reported.

Police have said Agus only allowed married men and women to join the sect and encouraged his members to trade sexual partners and perform sexual acts in front of one another, including himself.

Agus, who surrendered to police in January, instructed his members not to perform the mainstream obligations followed by the majority of Muslims, claiming they would not be punished but would be taken to Arasy (God's throne).