Uganda: Police Hold Kabale Priest Over Arson

Kampala, Uganda — Sixteen Anglicans, including a reverend, are under Police custody for allegedly burning household property of a 90-year-old woman who they accused of witchcraft.

Rev. Arthur Tumusime from Kigezi diocese and the others are suspected to have early this month burnt Esther Nzamubi's property, saying they were burning satanic fetish that she had been using to bewitch the people.

Kabale district crime chief Richard Suuna said the group would be charged with trespass, arson and using force to destroy Nzamubi's property. He added that what they did was a violation of the old woman's right to privacy and freedom of worship.

A district councilor, Adrine Tibenda, said some of the burnt items were traditionally preserved food like dry meat, mushroom and hides that she wore when she was young, beads, clothing of her dead children and old domestic utensils made out of tree trunks.

The Kigezi diocesan secretary, Rev. George Tumwine, said the diocese was still investigating the matter before taking any action.