Twitter your prayer says Cardinal

Mayo County, Ireland - Why not 'tweet' a prayer every day, the head of the Catholic church in Ireland has asked.

Twitter - the social messaging network - or text or email is a fine way to spread the gift of prayer, Cardinal Sean Brady said.

Speaking at a Mass in County Mayo on Sunday he urged people to send their prayers 21st century style.

"Make someone the gift of a prayer through text, twitter or e-mail every day," he said.

"I ask young people in particular to think of sending their friends and family an occasional twitter or text to say that you have prayed for them."

The cardinal was speaking a centenary celebration of the life of Fr Patrick Peyton who was known as "the Rosary priest".

Cardinal Brady said Fr Peyton had "a great gift" for communication and would have been "big into texting and Twitter" if that had been available in his time.

The cardinal said people should consider setting up prayer groups using modern communications.

"Such a sea of prayer is sure to strengthen our sense of solidarity with one another and remind us those who receive them that others really do care," he said.