Lutheran Church launches ad campaign

Minneapolis, USA - The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America is sending out a reminder that it’s doing God’s work on earth.

The church recently launched national television advertising spots with the tag line, “God’s work, our hands.”

Economic uncertainty makes the brand campaign more timely, said Kristi Bangert, executive director of the ELCA’s communication services. “This church wants people to know that we are out there offering hope and care — doing God’s work with our hands.”

Through April 19, the spots will air on the Cable News Network, Headline News, the Fox News channel, Home & Garden Television and the Do It Yourself Network. The advertising also will be broadcast locally in much of Minnesota, including the Twin Cities, because of the high number of Lutherans in the area.

Spots will air again for a few weeks, starting May 11.

The church worked with Tom, Dick & Harry Advertising in Chicago to create the advertising campaign. Each of the two rounds of advertising is costing the church $250,000.

The present TV advertising features two ECLA commercials. One features Trinity Lutheran Church in Bismarck, N.D., and its outreach to people who are homeless and hungry. The other spot tells about a Lutheran mission in Senegal that teaches business skills to women.

The advertising is being supported with print, outdoor and online advertising.

As of 2007, the Chicago-based ECLA had 4.7 million baptized members.