Voice of Bart Simpson gives push to religion

Hollywood, USA - The producers of "The Simpsons" are having a cow over one of its actors promoting Scientology in the voice of Bart Simpson.

Nancy Cartwright recorded the pitch for a robocall to boost turnout for a Scientology event at the organization's Hollywood center. Though she takes care to identify herself by her real name and not her character, she uses the Bart voice at a few points in the recording.

"I'm now auditing on new OT VII and have been asked to speak at the Flag World Tour event on Jan. 31," Cartwright says, adding, in Bart's voice, "It's gonna be a blast, man!"

The Fox series' executive producer, Al Jean, said the recording was unauthorized. " 'The Simpsons' does not, and never has, endorsed any religion, philosophy or system of beliefs any more profound than Butterfinger bars," he said.

Fox is remaining mum on the subject, but its legal department is very much looking into the matter, as the "Simpsons" characters are owned by Fox.