Jakarta police pursue cult leader to Bekasi

Jakarta, Indonesia - Officers from the South Jakarta Police are heading to Bekasi in pursuit of the leader of a religious sect that practices rituals involving sexual orgies and preaches free sex, after arresting two members earlier in Pasar Minggu on Tuesday.

A police report said the sect, Satria Piningit Weteng Buwono, had a total of 40 members, operated in Jakarta and Bekasi since 2007, and was led by a spiritual leader identified as Agus Iman Solichin.

Although employing elements similar to those used by Muslims, Agus reportedly told his followers to switch sex partners as part of religious ritual, and also to have sex while being watched by other members.

Instead of praying five times a day, the police report went on, the cult's members were told to play music together while singing pop tunes with mantras.

Attorney General's Office spokesman Jasman Panjaitan said the sect leader could face five years in prison under the current laws.

"He can get a maximum of five years' imprisonment," Jasman said as quoted by Antara state news agency.

When asked whether the sect could charged with defamation against Islam, Jasman said the AGO would require a recommendation on the matter from a special committee within the AGO that dealt with religious defamation.