Devil worship a threat to Muslim youth, say researchers

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - Satainic worship spread by films and horror movies has become a threat to Muslim youths because they can deviate from their faith, according to research.

Highlighted in Berita Minggu, 10 researchers from Universiti Malaya found that such worship was increasing among Muslim youth.

In their report, based on a study conducted between Sept 2007 and Dec 2008, the researchers proposed that the syllabus of Islamic studies include certain elements to prevent students from being misled.

The report said the current syllabus did not focus on such deviationist teachings but emphasised only on the basic aspects of Islamic studies.

One of the researchers who is a lecturer in the Islamic Studies Academy, Assoc Prof Dr Che Zarrina Sa’ari said what was disheartening was that society saw drugs and mat rempit as the main threats without realising the danger of Satanism which involved polytheism.