'Pledge' invite to binge drinkers

Cardiff, UK - The most senior members of the Church in Wales are joining forces with Welsh police chiefs in an attempt to cut binge drinking.

The campaign will see the Archbishop of Wales and his bishops, and chief constables promote the message "enough is enough" when it comes to alcohol.

People will also be invited to sign a pledge to cut their drinking.

The campaign is being aimed at both weekend revellers and those who may consume too much at home.

Archbishop of Wales Barry Morgan insisted that the idea of a pledge was not to cut out drinking altogether.

"Alcohol isn't the problem - it is our attitude to it that counts," he said.

"Drinking can be an enjoyable part of our social life but not when we abuse it - harming ourselves and others."

The campaign is being launched at Cardiff University's Students' Union, and as well as support from the Welsh police forces, it is being backed by licensees in the Welsh capital and a consultant at a Swansea accident and emergency unit.

Posters and leaflets will be used to promote the safe drinking message, as well as the invite to sign the online pledge.

Those who take the pledge will also be given a card to remind them of their commitment to reduce alcohol consumption.

Dr Morgan added: "The challenge is to change our own thinking and the prevailing culture and attitude in Wales which equates a good night out, or even a good night in, with drinking to excess.

"This is what needs challenging and this is why we are saying 'enough is enough'."

South Wales Police chief constable of South Wales Police Barbara Wilding said the campaign had her full backing.

"The aftermath of binge drinking can be clearly seen during the early hours of any Saturday and Sunday morning in the A&E waiting rooms across the country," she said.

"When people drink to excess they are far more likely to be involved in an accident or assault, commit a criminal offence, or make themselves sexually vulnerable.

"Something quite clearly needs to be done to change the 'culture' that exists in Wales where drinking to excess is widely accepted."