Devil worshippers 'killed eight in satanic ritual'

Cuidad Juarez, Mexico - A Mexican convict extradited from the United States has confessed to killing eight women in a satanic ritual near the violent Mexican border city of Ciudad Juarez.

Francisco Granados told a Mexican judge that he and two accomplices had taken drugs before killing the women and dumping their bodies in the irrigation channel of a cotton field.

The bodies were found in 2001.

One of the killers had been in charge of making offerings to Satan, Granados's testimony said.

Granados was detained three years ago in the United States, where he still has one year of a jail sentence remaining for other crimes.

Granados said he and his accomplices had also taken part in other killings and that more bodies had been secretly buried in one of their houses.

He asked for the victims' families to forgive him.

A Mexican judge has sentenced one of his suspected accomplices, Edgar Alvarez, to 26 years' jail.

Brazen attacks on women rival the ongoing drug gang warfare in Ciudad Juarez in which more than 1,000 have died this year.

More than 400 women have died in violent crimes in the area, including mutilations and sex attacks, since 1993.