Falun Gong's Olympic 'call for justice'

Sydney, Australia - About 100 protesters from the Falun Gong sect have gathered in Sydney's CBD calling for greater scrutiny of China's labour camps during the Olympics.

The Falun Gong say about 8,000 of their members in China have been arrested since December in crackdown leading up to the games.

Protest organisers say they have gathered to call for journalists to scrutinise China's labour camps while covering the Olympics.

About 50 people gathered in front of banners calling for justice, while two Falun Gong women who say they have survived torture spoke about their experiences.

One of the women, Jennifer Zeng, says the Games should be used by international media as an opportunity to investigate torture claims.

"Just miles away from the Olympic venue, people are being tortured or even being tortured to death," she said.

"I was detained in the Beijing female labour camp for one year for practicing Falun Gong."