Women from polygamist sect selling clothing online

Eldorado, USA - The women of a polygamous sect are selling their distinctive homemade children's clothing online.


The enterprise was initially started to provide Texas Child Protective Services with clothes for the 440 children seized in the April raid on the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints' ranch at Eldorado in West Texas. CPS had told sect members that they had no source for purchasing FLDS-style clothing and would have to dress the children in conventional clothing. So, mothers said they would make the clothing and give it to CPS for their children.


Since courts ordered CPS to release the children from state custody, the FLDS women, many of whom haven't returned to the ranch and now have to pay for rental houses and apartments, say they hope to earn a living from selling the clothes over the Internet. Income from the business will be shared among the mothers.


The venture has drawn queries from across the U.S. from those seeking modest clothes for their kids, says Maggie Jessop, an FLDS member. "Our motive is not to flaunt ourselves or our religion before the world. We have to make a living the same as everyone does," she said.


The clothes range from dresses and overalls to nightclothes, underwear and onesies for babies. Women's apparel could be added if there is demand.