Uganda: Police Probes Mubende Cult

Kampala, Uganda - The police in Mubende district are investigating a new cult called Munyakaibo.

According to the acting district police commander, Gerald Mbasa, the cult has over 50 followers, in the sub-counties of Bageza and Kigando.

"It preaches against the electronics, especially the mobile phones and computers. They call them satanic and condemn the way they were introduced to the world," Mbasa explained on Monday.

He said the believers shun medial services from hospitals but only pray for the sick.

"Pregnant mothers don't go to hospital. Even children do not go to school. They hate science subjects and don't believe in numbers, so they do not count anything.

"The cult does not believe in local leaders and has no pastors, saying all people in the world are equal," Mbasa added.

Most of the followers are in Kigando, but reports say the cult is spreading to Kamwenge and Kyenjojo districts.

Mbasa said four cult leaders were arrested and the hunt for the rest was going on.

He identified them as David Mugisha, John Katongole, Samuel Tinkabire and Jackson Tibesasa. They were arrested while constructing a shrine at Kirangira in Kigando sub-county.

As they were being rounded up, the suspects continued to preach to the Police. "You will see the light later. We are followers of the saviour and he is aware of whatever we do, it is what he wants," Tinkabire said.

Mbasa said the four would be charged with holding illegal assemblies.