Arizona teens attacked for being LDS

Gilbert, USA - Police are calling it a hate crime against believers of the LDS faith.

Two are under arrest in Gilbert, Arizona for attacking two LDS teens over the weekend.

"The brutal nature of this happening against our children is hard to believe,” said the father of one of the victims. “It's pretty upsetting.”

And the beating his son took was brutal. Not only were the two victims shot by pellet guns but they said the suspects used their fists to beat them in the head, back, arms and legs.

And police say it was all because the two teens were Mormon.

"We couldn't believe the beatings they took,” said the mother of one of the victims. “And my son didn't fight back and all of this just because they were LDS.”

It happened Saturday night at a neighborhood park in Gilbert, a suburb of Phoenix. A group of about ten Mormon youth gathered there to play frisbee.

But police said that's when two other teens with swastikas carved into their wrists approached them and made anti-Mormon statements.

Gilbert police arrested the two teens after a neighbor got their license plate as the suspects left the scene.

Police are calling it a hate crime.

“I’ve never been ashamed about my faith,” said the father of the victim. “But it's not right that you have to live in fear of that. It's very frustrating.”