Call for return of faith schools

Edinburgh, UK - The editor of the Free Church's Monthly Record magazine has called for the return of Presbyterian faith schools.

David Robertson said his church, along with others, handed over their schools to be run by the state on Christian principles in 1872.

He made his call in an open letter to First Minister Alex Salmond.

But Keith Porteous Wood, of the National Secular Society, said a survey on religious observance in schools found a lack of support for it.

Mr Robertson said politicians were in favour of Catholic schools and the funding for Muslim schools.

He added: "On what basis they can then turn round and say Calvinist schools would be wrong, or other chosen schools would be wrong, I'm not sure."

The pastor and author said he was making his call as part of the Scottish Government's National Conversation.

Mr Porteous Wood argued against the establishment of single faith schools.

He said: "A survey on religious observance in schools done four or five years ago came to the conclusion that people basically just didn't want it."