"Anonymous" takes to the streets to protest Scientology

Clearwater, USA – On the heels of Scientology’s founder L. Ron Hubbard’s birthday, about 75 protestors from the group known as "Anonymous" hit the streets of Clearwater Saturday afternoon, protesting in front of Scientology’s Clearwater headquarters, just a few days after a judge rejected the church's petition for a restraining order.

"Thousands of people across the world mobilized in 3-weeks to defend people's rights to free speech.” said one protestor, who identified himself only as Kip.

Donned in disguises to hide their identities, the group, which formed earlier this year, set out to protest the church's perceived views on modern medicine and allegations that scientologists get special tax exemptions.

"Why should a cult get a tax exempt status?" Kip asked.

Not true, says a Scientology spokesperson who would not go on camera.

They tell us that courts have declared Scientology a religion - therefore - they're entitled to a tax exemption, but they say they paid over 900-thousand-dollars in property taxes last year.

In a statement released by the church... They called "anonymous," a group of cyber-terrorists hiding their identities behind masks and computer anonymity,

Scientologists’ say in the past three weeks, Anonymous has made more than 8-thousand harassing phone calls, sent 3-million malicious e-mail, and made 22-bomb threats. One bomb threat including a suspicious package discovered near a church in St. Petersburg on Thursday.

But the member of anonymous we spoke to says the claims are not true.

"When the church of scientology says they're having bombs threats made against them, nobody can say they're not the ones making them." Kip said.

Anonymous is planning another protest sometime in April.