London bishop's horror at attack

London, UK - The Bishop of London has expressed concern after a clergyman was assaulted on his church grounds in east London.

Canon Michael Ainsworth, 57, was left with two black eyes when he was attacked in the grounds of his church, St George-in-the-East, Shadwell.

His attackers also jeered at him about his occupation, during the attack on the night of 5 March.

Bishop Richard Chartres said clergyman who were part of the community were "vulnerable" to attacks.

"Over the years we've had murders, we've had assaults on clergy," he said.

"Therefore we have over the past few years, been beefing up our security and operations.

"But of course if you go out into the streets, if you belong to the community, if you're a part of it, then you are vulnerable."

A police spokesman said three men, two of whom attacked the canon, were described as Asian and fled the scene by the time officers had arrived.