Uganda: Bishop Takes Tough Stand On Gay Acts in Schools

Kampala, Uganda - Mukono Diocesan bishop, Rt. Rev. Paul Eria Luzinda, has vowed to advocate the dismissal of headteachers who condone gay acts in their schools.

Speaking during a thanksgiving ceremony for Kanjuki SSS's good performance in last year's UACE on Tuesday, Rev. Luzinda said he had received reports that gay acts had spread to church founded schools, but head teachers had failed to take action against the suspected students.

"Some head teachers have turned a blind eye on the matter. I will dismiss the suspected students and also cause dismissal of the headteachers," he said.

Bishop Luzinda said if such immoral acts are allowed in schools, the country's future is doomed. "Who loves to see his son marrying a fellow man? It's absolute nonsense," he said.

He blamed western countries for exporting to Africa what he termed as a "backward culture." Bishop Luzinda also criticised politicians in Kayunga and Mukono districts who refuse headteachers to charge lunch fees from students registered under UPE and USE programmes.

He cautioned teachers against indiscipline and advised them to abide by the teaching code of conduct if they are to be respected in society.

The headmaster, Mr Nelson Kanyike, said the good performance was as a result of the cooperation between parents and teachers.

He pledged better results this year.