Local magazine ad stirs controversy among Catholics

Boston, USA - A provocative magazine ad that shows a group of Catholic nuns sketching a naked man caused outrage from members of the Catholic community.

"It's offensive to an entire community of religious, who give their lives to the good works of the church," said Terry Donilon, of the Boston Archdiocese.

The ad shows heavily made-up nun, sketching a physically fit man.

"I think it's degrading towards nuns, and towards the Catholic religion," said Michael Pelletier, who's upset over the ad.

Equinox Fitness defended the ad that was shown in the latest issue of Boston Magazine.

"The ads capture the energy and artistry of the well conditioned body in a thought provoking fashion, blending fantasy and impact," the statement said.

Members of the Daughter of Saint Paul said the advertisers could do better.

"They could do it and build up advertisements that could build up the human person, instead of taking down people's sense of God," said Sister Martha Moss, of the Daughters of Saint Paul.

The Boston Archdiocese said they would like to see the ad pulled from the magazine.

The only Equinox gym in Boston is located in the Back Bay. The company has other gyms in major U.S. cities.