Protestants move to boost Turkey's image

Ankara, Turkey - Turkey's Protestants are planning to hold a conference to oost the country's image after a series of attacks against Chistians last year.

Ertan Cevik, chairperson of Protestant Baptist Churches Association of Turkey, says they hope to bring together Christian community leaders of 120 countries at a congress to be held in Aegean city of Izmir, in an effort to improve Turkey's image after the priest killings that took place in the country.

Cevik says Turkish people lack information about Christianity.

Cevik said the recent attacks targeting priests were widely covered by the European media and such incidents had a negative impact on Turkey's image.

He said Turkish Christians lived and practiced their religion freely in Turkey, however, this should be explained to the world opinion as well. Cevik also said Turkey should act effectively in order to explain the public that the country embraced all religions and cultures.

On the other hand, Cevik said a total of 7 churches mentioned in Biblical stories were located in Anatolia, which had been a cradle for the development of Christianity, in history.

He also said Turkey should get more share from faith tourism.