Norwegian fundamentalist school under fire

A private Christian fundamentalist school in Norway that lists Jesus Christ as executive manager has drawn heavy government criticism.

The Labor Inspection Authority has criticized work conditions at Skjærgård's School and much media scrutiny has been focused on the school pastor Glenn Rasmussen, Aftenposten said.

Educational authorities have clashed with the school, which has classes in speaking in tongues beginning with second graders.

Skjærgård's School receives 85 percent of its operating costs from the state but has been under fire from a variety of authorities who find it hard to determine whether they are dealing with a congregation or a school.

The LIA report found that the Skjærgård's Church's organization chart provided no insight into the group's management.

"We at the Labor Inspection Authority naturally cannot go to the spiritual world to contact those with chief responsibility for the health, environmental and safety work at the school," senior inspector Gunn-Elise Lyngtveit Ramlet said.