Cargo cultists hinder relief supply flow to parts of flood-stricken PNG province

Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea - Members of at least one cult movement are reportedly hindering the movement of relief supplies in Papua New Guinea’s disaster stricken Oro Province.

The Post Courier newspaper reports that police and military officers have gone to investigate complaints from the North Coast area which is among those areas ravaged by devastating floods last month.

Reports received from the Emergency Centre in Popondetta say that cult groups continue to claim that relief supplies distributed to the area are cargo meant for them by their ancestors.

They also claim supplies arriving are not meant for non-movement members.

A senior Defence Force source says members of the cult stopped relief volunteers at Begabari in the inlands of the Ambasi area, and argued with the volunteers over the relief supplies.

He says people were claiming the goods being delivered to them were the work of the cult.