Communists attack Hindu faithful

Kathmandu, Nepal – A group from the Communist Youth League, which answers to the Nepalese Maoist Party, yesterday launched a knife and baton attack on a group of Hindu faithful who were celebrating the festival of Dashian, guilty of “idol worship”. According to early reports, there are 14 victims in grave conditions: among them a child of only 6 years of age.

The attack took place in Kalikot, 700 kilometres west of Kathmandu. The young aggressors then threatened the faithful, to force them to “abandon all idol worship”. Ramji Pun, present during the attack adds: “They attacked the worshipers without any warning and those who were inside the temple are among the seriously injured”.

Dashian celebrations last ten days during which ten Hindu gods and goddesses are revered. According Din Bahadur Magar, chief of the local Communist league, “Praying to statues and carvings of gods does not lead to heaven nor it gives us what we desire for. Then why to spend time, money and labour going to temple?" He added, "We have no any enmity with Hindu but with their practice. Therefore, we can oppose not only Hindus but also any other idol worshipers”.