Serbian police to step up fight against sects following ritual killing

Belgrade, Serbia - Serbian police will step up the fight against sects following an apparent ritual killing of a boy and his uncle, the Interior Minister said Sunday.

Dragan Jocic said the police already have a special unit that deals with sects, but added their work will intensify and become "a priority" following the killings in Novi Banovci, north of Belgrade.

Fishermen found the dismembered bodies of Luka Opacic, 5, and his uncle Vasilije Trbovic, 26, in the Danube River on Friday, just days after they were reported missing.

Police have arrested a man suspected of killing the two, and said the murder was an apparent ritual killing advocated by an unidentified sect.

Police said the suspect, a 27-year-old man, had "satanic literature" at his home in Novi Banovci where the victims allegedly came to visit before they were killed.

The way the two were killed was identical to rituals described in the suspect's books, police said.