Majority reject state religion: poll

Wellington, New Zealand - A new poll has found only a minority of people support the concept of making New Zealand a Christian country.

58 per cent of people disagreed with making Christianity the official state religion. Those aged between 15 and 29 were most vehemently opposed, with more than 70 per cent against the idea. 63 per cent of men opposed the idea, compared with 54 per cent of women.

Two thirds of people support teaching schoolchildren about all the world's religions.

The poll was conducted by Reasearch New Zealand, and involved 500 respondents from across New Zealand.

The Prime Minister recently drew scorn from religious organisations for suggesting we have no state religion.

Destiny Church leader Bishop Brian Tamaki is seeking formal government recognition of the Christian elements in New Zealand's heritage in such a way that future governments could not tamper with it.