Bulgaria's PM: Satanists Have not Registered Religion Officially

Sofia, Bulgaria - The Church of Satan in Bulgaria has not introduced documents for the registration of a new religion in the Directorate on Religions, country's PM Sergey Stanishev said on Friday.

Stanishev commented the issue after at Friday's session of the parliament he was addressed by MP Pavel Chernev, who said he was worried over the satanic church.

If such documents enter the directorate its head will be asked to express his position on the application, Stanishev added.

Bulgaria is a country of tolerance and this is country's trademark and dignity of the ethnic model, which Bulgaria should not lose this model, but everything must be done with moderation, Stanishev and added there will be no tolerance for the Satanists' church.

At the parliament's sitting Chernev proposed that Bulgaria's policemen should be trained to distinguish the symbols of religious murders motivated by Satanism.

The debate was provoked by the news that emerged several weeks ago that Bulgaria's Satanists announced they want to officially register their religion.