Government extends olive branch to Mungiki if they renounce the sect

Nairobi, Kenya - The government has now extended an olive branch to members of the outlawed Mungiki sect who have been reigning terror in parts of Kiambu district where transport has remained paralyzed over the past three days.

However, Defense Minister Njenga Karume's ultimatum to the terror gang on Wednesday was to first renounce the criminal group before engaging the government in searching for peace.

He said: “If they want to come to the negotiating table and talk, let them come, we shall talk. But not as Mungiki. They must leave Mungiki and behave like children of this country, and bring the violence to an end.”

Speaking during a public forum at Karuri Market Karume said: “If someone knows their child is part of the Mungiki they should plead with them to stop engaging in such activities.”

He warned that should they fail to reform, the government will continue the ruthless crackdown on the sect members.

And in a bid to counter reports of police colluding with the Mungiki to perpetrate criminal activities, Central Provincial Commissioner Japhter Rugut announced that he will transfer all police officers attached to Karuri police.

“I have ordered that the overhaul happen as soon as possible, so that we can restore confidence that the officers are here to maintain justice and to serve you as citizens,” he said.

He also ordered the area District Commissioner to deploy police officers to matatu termini from Thursday to provide security to matatu operators and ensure transport resumes to normal.