France apex court upholds turban ban

Paris, France - The apex court of France has dismissed a petition pertaining to wearing of turbans by Sikhs. The petition was filed on behalf of Sikh students staying in France. Their legal counsel in India, M S Rahi, who has also taken up the issue in Punjab and Haryana High Court, confirmed that the petition was dismissed in the second week of March.

Sixty seven-year-old Ranjeet Singh, who has been staying in Paris for more than 15 years now and has been denied social security perks, told TOI, "We will file a petition in the European Court of Justice in Luxemburg. The case will be filed by the Singh Legal Foundation in Luxemburg." Incidentally, a similar case is already going on at Strasbrough in France, the headquarters of European Human Rights Commission.

Didar Singh Nalvi, a member of SGPC from Haryana, who is closely following the case, is of the opinion that India should intervene in this case. "Wearing a turban is part of our religion. And somebody should educate them that it should not be associated with people involved in terrorism," he said. As per the present system in France, identity card, driving licence and security card should have a photo without a turban. SGPC has said they have raised the issue several times through diplomatic channels, but the government hasn't done much about it. About three years ago, wearing of a headgear was banned across all the schools in France and Sikhs were victims of this decision.