Religious rights in Uzbekistan are respected - poll

Tashkent, Uzbekistan - A sociological survey conducted by Uzbekistan's Social Opinion Center indicates that people in Uzbekistan are opposed to religious extremism and are satisfied with the way the rights of believers in their country are guaranteed.

Center director Rano Ubaidullayeva told Interfax that the public in Uzbekistan "holds a strongly negative attitude to the religious extremists that have intensified their subversive operations in the past few years."

"People regard them as a great threat to social stability and national security. The absolute majority - 93.7% of respondents - hold a negative attitude toward religious extremists and terrorists," she said.

Asked whether the rights of believers are restricted in Uzbekistan, 82% of respondents said no, and only 3.9% yes, with 14.1% undecided.

A total of 39.4% of those polled said they had all the conditions to satisfy their religious needs.