Poll: Siberia is the most atheistic part of Russia

Moscow, Russia - All-Russian Opinion Poll Survey Center (AOPSC) conducted a poll to reveal the attitude of the Russians to religion on December, 2-3.

The poll showed that Orthodox Christianity remains the main religion in the Russian society. 63% of the respondents named themselves Orthodox Christians, 6% are Muslims, and 12% stated they "believe in God but practice no particular religion". There are 1% of Catholics and Buddhists each, 16% are atheists, and 1% abstained from answering.

Moreover, the outcomes of the poll differ greatly in the federal districts. Most of atheists live in the Privolzhye Federal District, followed by South Federal District, where 9% do.

Siberia has the majority of atheists – 36%, being ahead of Ural Federal District – 23%. Far Eastern Federal District has a considerable number of Buddhists - 8% and the highest percentage of Catholics – 5%.

Answering the question "What is religion for you?", the respondents mentioned the following: participation in all the religious rites and church services – 9%, a national tradition, the belief of my ancestors – 36%, personal salvation, communication with God – 16%, a part of the world culture and history – 16%, following moral norms – 28%, I am not interested in religion – 14%, no answer – 3%.

4% of the poll participants worship every day, 3% - every week, 4% - every month, 26% - on holidays only, 24% - from time to time, 37% do not follow any rites. The highest number of people, who follow the rites every day, live in towns with population more than 500 thousand (6%), and villages (5%), in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg residents only 1% do. The number of those who worship every day differs according to the gender: men – 2%, women – 6%.

The study also revealed whom Orthodox Christians consider enemies of their religion. 5% mentioned non-Christian believers, 2% - other branches of Christianity, 4% - atheists and non-believers, 26% - named members of sects, 9% - occultists, followers of white magic and black art, 9% - astrologers, 24% - no one, 23% said "I am not an Orthodox believer", and 8% gave no answer.