Rwanda: Police Investigates Religious Cult

Kigali, Rwanda - Gasana said, "we have got reports that there is a cult in the area without clear leadership and is stopping people from participating in government programmes, we are investigating the claim."

Deo Rukayaya, the cell executive secretary said the cult started activities in the area without a recognised leadership and they are uncooperative.

Said he: "They have no recognized cult leadership, every one is a leader, they claim that every one is equal to each other. They have given the cell leadership hard time because they don't participate in communal activities including Umuganda and Gacaca."

According to residents of the area, the new religion is not based on the Biblical doctrines and people are worried the group may turn out to be like that of Kibwetere in the eastern Uganda who killed hundreds of people.

The executive secretary for Nyagatare Sector, Geoffrey Mushaija also said that freedom of worship should drive people to love their country.

"There's need to first find out what this new religious group is about and I think if it has good intentions, it has to emphasize to its followers to love their country by participating in community activities for the good of the public," Mushaija said.