Government to formulate policy on religion

Kampala, Uganda - THE Government is to design a national policy on religion. Ethics state minister Dr. Nsaba Buturo said the policy aims at streamlining government support to religious institutions.

Buturo said the policy would not restrict the freedom of worship, expression and assembly which are enshrined in the constitution but will help the Government come out with tangible ways of supporting religious institutions.

“This policy framework is necessary because the Church is powerful and Government’s counterpart in development. It will clearly state what the Government will do for religious institutions, including the Muslim community. Be it financial or moral, we shall work with religious leaders to ensure that the policy guides our support,” Buturo said.

He said his ministry was working on the policy framework and would meet religious leaders for their input in two weeks.

Buturo on Friday night represented President Yoweri Museveni at the 5th Annual National celebrations organised by Christian Life Church at Mandela National Stadium in Namboole, Wakiso district.

Thousands of born-again Christians spent the night in prayer for the prosperity of the nation.