Anti-Christian sect members kill Catholic Priest in Bas-Congo

Kinshasa, DR Congo - Suspected dissidents of DR Congo`s anti-Christian "Muene" sect, have killed a Catholic priest and plundered the Kizu Parish, near Tshela, in the country`s northern Bas-Congo province, the UN Okapi radio has reported here.

The report said the Church was attacked Thursday by nine persons, adding that on sighting the assailants one of the Parish priests fled into nearby forest, while a second priest was tied up and flogged to death.

Tshela police said no arrest had been made.

Muene sect members are against Christianity in Bas-Congo in particular, and DR Congo in general.

Bas-Congo has been a scene of unrest linked to supporters of a politico-religious movement, the "Bundu dia Kongo."

Clashes between members of the movement and the police resulted in 12 deaths a month ago.