Jehovah's Witness barred from making decisions for comatose wife

Iowa City, USA - A Jehovah's Witness who would not permit blood transfusions for his comatose wife has been barred from making her medical decisions.

That's the ruling from a Johnson County judge who says 28-year-old Tawnya Nissen of Clinton will be under the guardianship of her father until she can make her own decisions.

Nissen has been in a coma for about two weeks. Her father, Richard Reid Junior, sought temporary guardianship of his daughter after her husband claimed the couple's religion prohibits the sharing of blood.

Judge Marsha Beckelman ruled against the husband "in order to protect life."

Nissen was hospitalized August fourth with a condition caused by a reaction to diet pills. Her condition is improving, but her doctor says she may not be able to communicate her treatment wishes for up to six months.