Court marshals arrest scientologists’ property paralyzing work of this organization in St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg, Russia - The property of the scientologists’ office in St. Petersburg has been arrested by a decision of the arbitration court for failure to pay the rent in good time.

St. Petersburg’s Smena daily has reported on Tuesday that the scientologists’ activity in the city ‘has long roused public bodies’ censure’, but they had to arrest their property for refusal to pay to the owner of a facility they rent in Ligovsky Prospect.

As a result, court marshals arrested the entire property of the scientologists in St. Petersburg on Monday. Scientologists are reported to express hope for a speedy help from their ‘colleges from abroad’ with paying the debt.

The newspaper wrote, ‘It is no secret for anybody that under the pretext of spiritual development this sect fleeces credulous people, getting enormous amounts of money from them for teaching them dianetics said to help them grasp all the mysteries of existence. Besides, scientologists have collected files on every person involved in the sect who have been as credulous as to share with them their innermost secrets’.