Witch doctor under arrest in Brussels

Brussels, Belgium - An African witchdoctor self-styled Karamba D. has extorted about E768,470 from a Belgian woman whom he led to believe that she would die of cancer if she failed to follow his advice to her, a police source told PANA here.

The Belgian police that arrested the swindler said the man met the woman and asked her to buy a horse, donkey and a cow to bring them to him along with E9,271.

During an appointment in his practice, the witch doctor put the money on a pan and burnt the banknotes in the presence of his victim, and promised her that after the ritual, all her problems would be solved a week later, the police said.

A week later, the witch doctor announced to his client that his grandfather had predicted that the lady was in danger of death.

Then some accomplices of the witch doctor started to harass the lady, telling her that she would die of cancer. In order not to experience that fate, the victim emptied all her savings and even sold her inherited golden jewels to pay for another ritual.

When she finally realised the deception, the lady alerted the police who arrested the witch doctor in his house in Ixelles, a commune in Matonge, the African district in Brussels.