Russians for Church to play more active role in society - poll

Moscow, Russia - Almost half of Russians (47%) would like the Church to more actively influence spiritual life of the society, while another 29% would like the Church to confine its activity purely to religious ceremonies and rituals, a poll conducted amongst 1,600 from 153 communities of 46 Russian regions by the All-Russian Center for Public Opinion Studies (VTsIOM) in April showed.

Moreover, 18% of Russians want the Church to seriously influence not only the spiritual life of society, but also the activities of the state.

Forty-one percent of respondents share the most politically correct stance, according to which "Orthodoxy is just a confession that is spread in Russia and should have the same rights as other confessions." Still, 53% of respondents insist on the unique role of the Orthodoxy.

Only one third of Russians (35%) believe that Russian society should be based on nationwide values and traditions, rather than on the concept of rights and freedoms of a person, which the West considers as universal. The majority of respondents (60%) are more likely to share the western point of view.

Furthermore, 50% of Russians said that the main goal is individual prosperity, while a smaller number, 42%, share the traditional Russian approach that moral traditions and faith are more important than individual prosperity.