Romania's first registered witch

Bucharest, Romania - A Romanian woman has become the country's first legally registered witch.

Gabriela Ciucur, 31, from Targu Jiu, persuaded authorities to accept witchcraft as a profession after months of negotiations.

She told local media: "The authorities sent me home and told me it was ridiculous at first. But we finally reached a deal and registered my company as dealing with astrology and connections to the spirit world."

Ciucur said she charges £3 to £6 per "consultation" with clients where she uses witchcraft to, among other things, tell their fortunes, help them get in touch with the spirit world, and examine their star signs for them.

Witchcraft is extremely popular in Romania where many people in rural areas still believe in vampires.

National football chiefs in the country once even considered bringing in a witch to put a spell on an opposing team.