Witch doctors taking over cyberspace

Islamabad, Pakistan - Witch doctors have taken their business online, sending email advertisements to attract more customers. The orthodox self-acclaimed ‘healers of souls’ have turned to modern telecommunication to promote their business.

“I offer the most potent and powerful protection spells. These spells protect you, your friends, family, home, jobs, money, health, pets and everything else you hold dear,” sais an email sent by Syed Abbas Ali Shah, a witch doctor.

The email contains a detailed description of how a spell of black magic can ruin someone’s life. “Black Magic can be used to harm a person by performing certain spells and the effects can be experienced thousands of miles away.”

The witch doctors offer a money back guarantee in case their problems are not solved. “This practice has increased a lot in the last few years. Many families have been ruined by black magic.

A person suffering from the effects of an evil spell experiences a mental block, has negative thoughts and nightmares. The heart feels heavy, and the person feels suffocated,” the email says.

The self-acclaimed Aamil warns that black magic could become more chronic, dangerous and fatal with time, like a disease if left untreated.

It spreads like a contagious disease, affecting the person’s mind and body, his or her relationships, attitude, work, money, marriage and career. “Syed Abbas Ali Shah might stop taking new clients at anytime. He is extremely busy,” the message reads to establish the importance and popularity of the witch doctor.

The witch doctors are the latest in a long line of spam emails filling up people’s mailboxes. According to a survey conducted by a popular anti-spam website, pornographers are responsible for 30.2 percent of spam on the Internet today. Following closely behind are the ‘get rich quick’ and ‘make money fast’ scam artists, who send about 29.6 percent of the spam.

Most Internet service providers (ISPs) prohibit spamming and disconnect the accounts and websites of spammers who have turned to insecure servers to send emails.

Very few countries have made legislation against sending junk emails. Pakistan also does not have any laws against sending junk emails.