Satanic Sect Found Operating on Web, 7 Italians Involved

Catania, Italy - The postal and communications police in Catania have uncovered a satanic sect which was operating on the Internet. Seven people have been charged with religious vilification, two of them minors. They come from Liguria, Piedmont, Sardinia and Emilia Romagna. One of them was born in Agrigento. The internet site was first picked up by Fr. Di Noto's Meter Association, on the new "On-line Police Commissioner's Office".

Experts from the investigations unit have been monitoring the satanic group for months now. The enquiry was headed by the deputy district prosecutor, Ignazio Fonzo. Based in the USA, the site included a forum which enabled the members to send messages of a satanic nature, revolving around death, to members of the Catholic clergy. There were poetry and prose based on satanic rites, whilst photos and symbols were clearly visible on the site. Last year these included predictions about the possible date the former Pope would die.