Most Russians against satirizing religious figures - survey

Moscow, Russia - About 85% of Russians deem it unacceptable to satirize the saints and prophets of any religion, whereas only 6% see nothing wrong with making light of religious figures, a leading national pollster said Thursday.

According to a survey taken by the Public Opinion Foundation February 11 and 12, 63% of the respondents condemn the Prophet Mohammed cartoons that triggered a wave of protests across the Muslim world and are opposed to sacrilege in any religion.

Thirteen percent said they did not consider the prophet cartoons to be insulting.

Twenty-six percent of those surveyed said they were against the anti-cartoon protests, whereas 19% said they supported the outcry.

Nearly 40% of the respondents fear the publication of the Mohammed cartoons in European newspapers will have long-term consequences for the West, but 30% expect no backlash.

The nationwide poll, based on interviews with 2,100 adults, had a margin of error below 3.6%.